The DFCA provides an entry-level certification with potential progression to the Digital Forensic Certified Practitioner certification after the candidate accumulates five years of experience. It also serves those who no longer perform the requisite hours of “hands-on” forensics to renew their DFCP. The goal of the DFCA certification is to enhance the professionalism and body of knowledge within the digital forensics industry and distinguish individuals who have a broad knowledge of digital forensics. As a DFCA, you become a member of the Digital Forensics Certification Board whose sole purpose is to provide certifications that focus on benefiting the profession and promoting professional collaboration. Your certification status connects you with other members whose mission is to help the maturation of digital forensics as a science and encourage the sharing of information, methods and processes among members of the profession. DFCB Associates are held accountable to a high standard of excellence which provides assurance to employers that certified associates meet objective and independent standards.

Exam Process:

To complete the DFCA Certification process, a background investigation and Affidavit validation is required along with the exam fee. (There is no prerequisite). Please contact admin for request of invoice and Affidavit forms at Once payment is authorized and your Affidavit is submitted you will then receive an email to complete the background screening process. Please allow 5-10 business days
to complete the process. Once the background check is complete, DFCB will notify you with the DFCA exam process.

The Exam and background check

The fee is $350.00 and the exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions; you have 2 hours to complete the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, and final review by the certification committee, you will then be moved to the final certification phase where you will receive a letter from the Digital Forensics Certification Board and an official Certificate of completion.

Open Book Policy:

The DFCA exam policy is open book, open notes only. No electronic devices such as computers, flash drives, calculators, phones, ect. We recommend you print all study guide material and bring as hard paper copies. The DFCA exam must be proctored, and if a fee is involved, the candidate must pay it. Options for proctoring are to use the candidate’s college testing center, or our professional proctoring service. The service charges $25 and requires 72 hours’ notice; earlier appointments are available for additional fees. If you do not pass the exam, you will be notified by the testing committee and given 45 days from the original exam date to retake the exam at no cost. Candidate will be responsible for proctoring fees. Certification is valid for three years from the date you were certified.

DFCA Study Guide

This study guide was developed to provide a DFCA candidate with an outline and reference material that may be covered on the DFCA examination. If reviewed and studied while preparing for the DFCA examination, one will increase their chances by focusing on a specific knowledge base useful to a DFCA candidate. Each section of this study guide includes domains that are testable on the DFCA exam, along with concepts, terminology, technical data, and references to material that may be testable. Download Here

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