DFCP certification requires several progressive steps. It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete each of these steps in a timely manner. If the applicant’s application remains dormant for sixty days, DFCB will notify the applicant by email that action is necessary. If the necessary action is not taken after notifying the applicant, the DFCB may delete the applicant’s account. 

DFCB’s preferred form of communication is email. The applicant should provide an email that is checked regularly by the applicant on all forms where requested.

Application: The applicant completes and submits a completed Self-Assessment package online at: www.dfcb.org. Once the Self-Assessment is completed, scores more than 100 points on the Self-Assessment, the applicant will need to follow the instructions and complete the signature form and create a login. Once logged in, the applicant will complete the DFCB Application; package is reviewed and processed by the Certification Committee. The applicant then moves on to the Testing Process.

Testing Process: The applicant will receive an Affidavit form from DFCB to be completed and Faxed to DFCB 916-939-0395. DFCB will administer new login credential to access our third party test portal, CommPartners. Applicant is then required to pay testing fee$100.00. Once payment is confirmed, authorization is given to access the exam portal. Applicant has 45 days to complete the one hour (60 min) 50 question exam.

Passing applications are moved to the Certification Committee for review of credentials and references. Should the applicant not pass the examination they will be contacted by the Testing Committee and given on additional chance to retake the examination at no additional cost.

Credential Review: Applications and references are reviewed. Applications that meet DFCP standards are approved and applicants are notified by email that they will move to the Background Check. Active law enforcement is not required to have background check.

Background Check: The applicant receives an invoice for $250.00 from DFCB and interview materials in order to proceed through the background investigation and credential validation check. Upon passing the background and credential investigation, the applicant moves to the final Certification Process. Active law enforcement is not required to have background check.

Certification Process: The applicant receives a letter from the Chairperson of the Digital Forensics Certifications Board and an official Certificate and letter of completion is mailed. If you have any questions contact edu@dfcb.org